Hello to all! Welcome to Muzzle Training and Tips, and thank you for taking the time to read over. We from MTT understand how frustrating, confusing, and upsetting it can be coming here needing a muzzle whilst also believing muzzles are wrong or not liking the stigma surrounding them. We promise we can change your mind by the time you leave. Not only do muzzles save lives, but they also change them. We at MTT have never had muzzle training impact a dog negatively when done correctly. MTT goals also include making sure we do all the hard work for you to focus on what's essential, like rebuilding your relationship with your dog, moving into training or group classes, play dates, correct socialising, and so much more. 

If you find yourself needing to purchase a muzzle for your dog, you're one step closer to a fun and positive experience!

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Muzzle Sizing Help

MTT has over 2.5 years experience sizing muzzles for all types of dogs. Growing, no measurements, no pant pics we can still help you on our forms.


Brand & Size Info

We have collected 600+ accurate measurements of all popular brands and sizes as well as reviews, where to purchase, comparison and much more.


Modifying, Muzzle Training, Securing and More.

There is way to much to list here as we have over 8 categories packed full of every bit of muzzle info you need.

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Muzzles, Muzzles & More Muzzles!!


Struggling With Muzzle Training?

A very common issue many people have when searching for help is their dog (or them) are struggling muzzle training. Issues like this are more likely to be a fit issue, rather than a training issue.