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bulldog in a wire muzzle

Hard To Fit Dogs


Measuring is done the same as shown in Measuring Your Dog, but you may have to slightly adjust measurements or get somewhat different ones for your dog. Some of these dogs also have a shorter nose than mouth (think bulldog type mouth), giving you two length measurements. You can see below even the shortest noses can be measured—credit to Deena Minner for the pictures.​


Unfortunately, there are far fewer options for short noses out there. MTT is working on getting more options available to these types of dogs. Fortunately, a few brands are still available; the sizing is just much more limited.

Some brands available:

Please remember we still recommend sizing the correct way rather than just picking one of the options below.

  • M3/M4- B sizes

  • Kruuse buster plastic- Boxer

  • Baskerville classic- Boxer

  • Biothane- custom

  • TYDM vinyl- custom

  • CHOPO- few sizes

  • JVM- few sizes

  • JAFCO- few sizes but very modifiable

  • ROZCHOV- Few sizes plus special French bulldog sizes

  • CHLAD- Few sizes


Make sure you read over sizing info and complete measuring and buying correctly. Not just base fit off these pictures below.

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