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Replacing Muzzle Straps (3 Parts)

This page is for replacing the straps on your muzzle. This means removing the ones they come with and adding your own. If you are looking for how to modify the strap you have, you can find this information in the Strap Mods tab.

Replacing Wire Straps (1)


  • Biothane  5/8”

  • Quick-release buckle 5/8”

  • Chicago screws (much safer than regular rivets)

  • Leather hole punch

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

How to:

First, make sure you have a well-fit muzzle.

  1. Use the old strap to measure how long you need

  2. Cut the piece longer than needed, so you have room to adjust. Remember to add approximately 2” extra for where you fold and rivet.

  3. Trim all the corners off the Biothane and burn the ends to keep it sealed.

  4. Once everything is cut, you can line up where you need the holes for the rivets. Double-check everything, then hole punch-out where you need.

  5. Add the straps and rivets to the muzzle. My strap has extra holes on one side of the quick release. This makes it still adjustable without the need for a buckle.

Replacing JAFCO Straps (2)

You can replace straps on JAFCO too; it’s pretty easy to do as long as you have the suitable materials. This is helpful for specific Jafco sizes where the straps are at the wrong angle for the dog.


First Pics (black JAFCO) was done by removing the rivets and replacing them with a biothane strap. The following pics (clear JAFCO) are my pictures and steps, which I will go over below. 


You can click each pic for the steps.


Materials I used:

1/2" and 5/8" biothane (depends on what you prefer)

6mm and 8mm post Chicago screws (thickness of your JAFCO + doubled biothane)

5/8" quick release buckle

Hole punch


Done this mod? Send us your pics :) 

One of our awesome members gave us great pics of them modifying their JAFCO muzzle. The steps on how to are on the pictures (click them). 

Replacing Other Straps (3)


Most greyhound muzzles will need the chin strap removed for dogs that aren’t sighthounds. They are placed far back and tight (made for a sighthound's long/slim head).

  • Using scissors, you can remove just the strap to the muzzle or the whole chin strap. Make sure you don’t cut the wrong straps.

Replacing the straps:

Some people have replaced the straps on their greyhound muzzles. This is pretty much the same as the other strap mods above on other brands of the muzzle.