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Other Leather Muzzles

Manufacturer: Ray Allen

Location: USA

Ships: US/Canada and sometimes Worldwide

Options: set sizes and 'custom.'

Sellers: 2+

Scavenge Proof: Yes, if full strapped/covered

Bite proof: yes, if the solid front

rayallen leather muzzle- hannah eagly

Manufacturer: Khaos Kollars 

Location: USA

Ships: Worldwide

Options: custom

Scavenge Proof: Yes if fully strapped

Bite Proof: NO, too flexible. Ok for small dogs full strapped.

Pros & Cons

Manufacturer: depends 

Store: For Dog Trainers/D&T

Location: Worldwide

Ships: Worldwide

Options: set sizes and 'custom.'

Sellers: 10+

Scavenge Proof: Yes, if full strapped

Bite proof: yes, if the solid front

leather muzzle
khaos kollars leather

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.



  • some Low-cost options

  • Custom (painting)

  • Treat hole Options

  • Bite proof options

  • Lighter weight options​


  • No nosebands

  • More cleaning/care

  • Smaller/limited sizes

MTT Info Charts



  • Available internationally

  • Easy to modify/add noseband

  • Custom

  • Suitable for scavenging if fully strapped

  • colourful

  • lightweight


  • No noseband

  • NOT bite proof

  • Higher cost

  • longer wait times

Muzzle Training and Tips are the only ones who have a full and accurate size, measurement and weight chart for these muzzles. Most companies use a wildly inaccurate or incomplete chart, which is unfair to customers who should know exactly what they are purchasing.

Make & Material

What your leather muzzle is made of and how well it's made will depend entirely on the brand, style and size you purchase. Some muzzles are cheap leather that will break fast and are harder to clean. 

You want to look for genuine leather muzzles or close to in quality. Leather muzzles to be bite/scavenge proof also need a fully covered front to be entirely safe for most dogs.

This picture shows a cheap strapped 'leather' muzzle that is dangerous to use, easy to break etc. The middle muzzle is a medium cost option with good quality leather. The last pic is the same quality leather, but it also has the custom painting.

You can also buy leather muzzles with a metal bar in the front. We do not recommend using these unless for sports/working as they can be pretty different.

leather muzzles
leather muzzles

Where/How To Purchase

Ray Allen


Khaos Kollars

If you have more to add please send the links through message.

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