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B+F Leather

Manufacturer: B+F

Location: Europe

Ships: Worldwide

Options: 3 sizes, clear and black

Sellers: 2+

Scavenge Proof: Yes 

Bite proof: yes unless determined biter 

Pros & Cons

dog wearing a b+f leather muzzle

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.


  • Low cost

  • Bite/Scavenge proof (excluding clears with the treat hole)

  • Felt nosebands

  • Soft leather for the cost

  • Fairly big sizes

  • Modifiable


  • Not 'deluxe' leather

  • Not many sizes

  • Is slightly flexible (like a clear JAFCO)

MTT Info Charts

Muzzle Training and Tips are the only ones who have a full and accurate size, measurement and weight chart for these muzzles. Most companies use a wildly inaccurate or incomplete chart, which is unfair to customers who should know exactly what they are purchasing.

Make & Material

This muzzle is made from leather, though not as high quality as other muzzles. This is only a new brand we are trying out so still need to get more info to add to this page as people start using them more. I have personally compared one with the JAFCO 5 and am very impressed.


Where/How To Purchase

MTT Muzzles -  (WORLDWIDE)

EXC. Europe since it is easier to buy from there than through me. The UK is not included in 'Europe' for shipping.  

Remember you can get MTT Muzzle coupons after completing a sizing form on Sizing & Fitting Help.


EUROPE Stores: Option 2/2

Options are extensive and we only recommend buying from them and not MTT if you live in Europe.

Links coming soon, or just search for them on google.

Sizing Leather Muzzles

Use this database below to help size your dog. It has all the charts linked on this page but also a 'how it could fit' and average measurements that fit in them.

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