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Not Safe/Recommended

Comical 'muzzles' like duckbills, scary teeth, nylon muzzles, tight leather muzzles and more are never recommended to use on your dog. There are so many good options for your dog; don't use these instead.


tight fitting duck bill 'muzzle'

These muzzles are not recommended for multiple reasons, the most common is they are cheap and made to fit tightly around the snout. Some are not even a muzzle and instead a fancy rope around their face or even just a halti/gentle leader.

Duck and pig muzzles may look cute but they are incredibly unsafe for your dog, not only are they too small in height for any pant but they are usually enclosed. Want to stop your dog breathing just to look cute? I wouldn't think so.

Tight leather muzzles are the exact same and most do not allow any pant room and if they do they are not bite proof.

Mesh muzzle the fully cover the face (for bulldogs) are usually very unsafe to use, especially for short faced dogs that already have breathing issues.

Some comical muzzles for Halloween are completely fine for pictures etc, just know what your dog can handle but they should not be used for a functional purpose.

We cover vet/soft muzzles HERE, but in general we do not recommend using them and making sure you size your dog correctly instead.

Read over the picture descriptions for more information.


We do not recommend these companies for a few reasons which we will go over. We have nothing against you buying from them as really it is your loos (of hundreds of dollars), but we do not allow people to be told to purchase these below.

BUMAS Muzzles

  • Overcharges greatly (medium dog starts at $400AUD)

  • Doesn't fix/help mod

  • Is only popular because of the name


While we agree the concept of 3D printed muzzles are great, NO muzzle (especially plastic) is worth up to $1000AUD (yup, you’re reading that right) If you want to pay crazy amounts for this, then go ahead, but there are so many other options for literally over ten times less.


Collar direct usually found on etsy sells leather muzzles in a few colours, I myself have tried this muzzle and it rusted within 3 uses and they told me it was my fault because it got wet.. with dog slobber. So lost my money and couldn't use as full of rust, there's many other places that sell better options.

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