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Securing Mods
(3 Parts)

More information on Securing a Muzzle.

Adding A Chin Strap (1)

Making a chin strap is super easy if you have all the materials

All you need is 1-2ft of Biothane or leather strapping (width under 3/4” preferred). Some members have also used cut-up nylon collars or strapping.


Measure the length you need by having your dog wear the muzzle and measuring under the chin; you need to remember that the chin strap could restrict some dogs pants. It’s a good idea to keep one side longer in case you need to add length.

Adding the holes for the rivets on each side, then screwing it on. Check fit while panting and rerivet if needed. 

How these fit depends on your dog. Not every fit will be the same or work on every dog. This is something you’ll need to work out on your own when making it.

Adding A Head Strap (2)

You can add a head strap to your muzzle with some work to keep it secure, but you will still need a secure collar or chin strap to keep straps secure.



  • Start by adding a hole to the top of your muzzle (where you want the strap to sit), then rivet in the strap and go over the head and make a loop around the neck strap and rivet again.

  • We would recommend looping around the strap and screwing back to the head strap because the neck-straps are thinner material.

  • Using Chicago screws is preferred to remove/add easily when needed. Plus, they are safer.


  • Wire muzzles are easier to add a head strap too. However, it’s usually not needed unless you have a short-nosed dog.

  • Start by screwing one side to the wire on the muzzle in-between the eyes, go up over the head and either loop around the strap and screw/rivet or attach straight to the muzzle strap itself.


  • Pretty much the same as above, though these muzzles once again usually don’t need securing by a head strap.

Making A Snug Collar (3)

I made a few different types of snug collars to show you your options. Whether you use biothane or bungee cord, they are made relatively similar to each other. If you have a different way you have done this, please let us know how and send in some pictures.

In the first picture I made a snug collar with D rings in line with the muzzles cheeks, then added carabiners to clip between the D ring and muzzle. This collar is not adjustable and would be made to your dog's measurements. You could adjust by adding leftover length with extra holes on one side of the buckle with a Chicago screw.

The second picture I made with a bungee cord is straightforward and a good option for those needing extra room on the dog's neck. Made to the dog's measurements, not too tight or loose, an O/D ring on one end and a clip on the other. This should feed through the cheeks on your muzzle to hold it in place.

The third picture is a fully adjustable biothane collar, made similar to above but has the 'tri glide' so you can add length or tighten it.

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