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Bite/Scavenge Proof 

Bite-Proof or Not?

As explained in Should You Muzzle, there are plenty of reason to muzzle your dog but when selecting a muzzle there is two main categories. They are bite-proof and scavenge-proof. Some muzzles are one or the other but other muzzles like JAFCO are good for both.


Whether MTT class your dog as a bite risk or not depends on a few things though the choice is fairly simple.

Need Bite-Proof: If your dog has bitten, attacked, growled, is reactive, gets nervous, is anxious, is not known to you etc, whether or not you have ever seen their teeth or if they have bitten. The point is that you need a bite proof muzzle to ensure if this ever does happen, the situation can be kept safe and under control. You should not use muzzles that are not bite-proof.

Don't Need Bite-Proof: If your dog shows 0 signs of aggression, no anxiety, no reactivity, is trusted/known etc then your dog does not need a bite-proof muzzle. This means they can use non bite proof muzzles, but they can also use bite proof ones.

If you aren't sure then your dog is automatically in the needs bite proof category because why take the chance, a bite proof muzzle would be much better suit to ensure if anything goes wrong or continues to get worse. These categories are JUST FOR MTT, and has nothing to do with 'bite levels' or 'all dogs could bite'. This is just to decide whether or not you need a bite-proof muzzle.

Scavenge-Proof or Not?

Need Scavenge-Proof

If your dog licks, eats rocks/sticks, lives in a baited area etc then they are also a 'scavenger' and will need a scavenge proof muzzle as well as whatever muzzle choice needed above. This can narrow down your options further but most non scavenge proof muzzles can also be modded to stop scavenging/licking.

Don't Need Scavenge-Proof

If you don't worry about your dog doing any of the above then you pretty much have no restrictions on the muzzles you can try (as long as they aren't unsafe or not recommended).

To check out which brands will work for you, read over muzzle options linked further up the page or use the comparing muzzle options tab above.

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