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Biothane Muzzles

Maker: Trust Your Dog Muzzle

Location: USA

Ships: USA & CANADA addresses (can look at forwarding addresses)

Options: custom

trust your dog muzzle

Manufacturer: Khaos Kollars

Location: USA

Ships: Worldwide

Options: custom

khaos kollars

Manufacturer: Truffle Muzzles

Location: EU

Ships: Worldwide

Options: custom

truffle muzzles

Manufacturer: Urban Dog Biothane

Location: USA

Ships: Worldwide

Options: custom

urban dog biothane

Pros & Cons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.


  • Custom

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to modify/add noseband

  • Colourful

  • Add treat holes


  • No nosebands

  • NOT bite-proof

  • More Costly

  • Longer wait times

  • Must get measurements correct

  • Not all ship worldwide

NOT Bite Proof

Because of the material and flexibility of biothane, these muzzles are NOT bite proof. Many dogs can and will get a bite through the muzzle. 

An exception to this is small dogs. The smaller the muzzle the stronger it is. While we don't recommend it for every small dog it is a good option if you can't find anything else suited.

If you are using for scavenging you will also need to make sure the muzzle is fully strapped. Use at own risk if putting on bite risk dogs.

not bite proof
Biothane not biteproof

Make & Material


Almost all biothane muzzles will be made from Biothane 520 (beta), BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable.

BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather. It is also readily available in different colours. BioThane® is manufactured in their only plant located in North Ridgeville, Ohio in the USA.

Depending on what you want there is multiple widths and types of biothane, as well as reflective types. If you are making it yourself there is many options but some muzzle makers may only use specific types and sizes.


The type of hardware you can use is vast. Most go with metal buckles or quick release clips with metal chicago screws as these are usually the strongest. Chicago screws are recommended for at least the straps on the muzzle. The rivets can be used over the basket of the muzzle just make sure all are snugly on and not bent/loose.

You can also put a buckle and quick release clip on the head strap so its adjustable but easily removed and put on once size is adjusted.

For more info on making a biothane muzzle yourself see HERE


BUMAS are not recommended

BUMAS muzzles are not recommended for a number of reasons. Not only do they greatly overcharge but they make the muzzles too small, awkward shape and then refuse to fix or refund. There is so many other sellers out there that make amazing muzzles for sometimes half the cost. There's no need to go into detail since it's simple, if you don't want to pay a lot for a muzzle that likely won't fit, don't buy from there and use any of the other great sellers we recommend. It is very unfortunate that people still continue to recommend BUMAS even without buying from them their selves, do your research.

As an example for my medium dog based on closed circumference alone the muzzle starts at $400AUD. I could buy a Khaos Kollar for that and then 5-6 wire muzzles on top. See what we are saying? EXSPENSIVE!

Where/How To Purchase

Be sure to contact the makers of these muzzles before measuring and purchasing your muzzle. They will likely need different measurements than us as they are a custom muzzle, where as are our methods help size into already measured muzzles.



Truffle Muzzles:

Khaos Kollars:

Urban Dog Biothane:

Member Reviews

TYDM Biothane

"The website is straightforward to use, and Amy sends you an email after your order to verify colour preferences, snout orientation, measurements, and to see if she needs to add a little extra room to accommodate a full pant. We waited about eight weeks for each muzzle. The fully strapped biothane is very sturdy, great for scavengers. However, it can be a little hefty with all the straps and hardware. I regret going with the treat hole instead of the open nose design, as my dog loves to sniff, and you can still treat through the nose hole. Ours has been fortified with metal on the inside and has prevented a couple of bite incidents. They are a little pricey, but custom sized and lots of colour choices available."



"Pros: light weight, good for controlled leashed walks, easy to reward for muzzle conditioning, nice colours, keeps people away (lol), price was fair (but I get discounts)

Cons: not bite proof (wire muzzle coming for when I start working on him with new people), fairly long wait time due to Canada post losing a lot of packages (had to remake all lost products before starting my muzzle)."


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