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dog in jvm muzzle

To Modify or Secure?

Sometimes to get a better fit you will need to modify your muzzle, most of the time it will be something small like trimming the noseband, other times it will be something more significant. We have instructions on how to do it all on the modifying pages. 

As for securing your muzzle we pretty recommend securing every muzzle, but sometimes loosening the muzzle straps then securing will actually help the fit of the muzzle.



Before modifying your muzzle, the first big question is does or will your muzzle fit? If your muzzle does not fit, there is absolutely no reason to modify the muzzle, and instead, you would need to find a better fit for your dog. Once you are sure the muzzle will work for your dog, you can modify what it needs.

Usually, people modify for two reasons, function and looks. Those who modify for function usually squish width or cut the nosebands length. Those who modify for looks may paint or wrap their muzzle. There is a ton of ways to modify your muzzle and what your muzzle needs will depend on you, your dog and the muzzle you have.

Does the noseband push into the eyes?

If yes, and the muzzle fits well elsewhere, you can look at trimming or moving the noseband. What you choose will depend on how well you can d.i.y and how much length the muzzle needs to be taken off. A wire muzzle may need the noseband trimmed with scissors, or if it's a plastic greyhound muzzle, grinding with a Dremel may suit better.

Is width a bit big?

If yes, you can look at modifying width over your dog's nose; the method you use will depend on the muzzle you have and how much modifying it needs. Sometimes squishing a muzzle can give it a smidge extra height but not enough to use it as a method to gain height.

Are the cheeks tight on your dog's face?

This is another common issue why a muzzle may be modified; dogs with wider heads like rottis/bullies etc., may have problems with the cheeks being tight but the muzzle fitting well. As long as you don't have to widen a considerable amount, most muzzles like wire and JAFCO can be modified to sit wider on a dog's face.

Does your dog need extra padding?

Sometimes dogs will need extra padding on their noseband or just adding padding to a muzzle that doesn't have any. This is a simple mod to make, and the only reason we would say no is if you're trying to help rubbing that is from a too-small muzzle.



Securing a muzzle is highly recommended by MTT. Most muzzles come with one strap, which isn’t enough for pretty much all dogs, and the muzzle will easily slip over the ears.


We recommend securing to a ‘snug collar’ or making your chin straps secure the muzzle and its straps. There is plenty of options and how-to for each muzzle option. Ensuring you know why and how to secure a muzzle correctly is essential in keeping everyone safe and happy.

Dog pulling off muzzle?

If you have a dog that pulls of the muzzle securing will help stop the muzzle coming off but you will also need to make sure they are not pulling off for a different reason like the muzzle is too small or not muzzle trained fully.

Worried abut losing your muzzle?

Then we 100% recommend securing it as any muzzle with one strap can come off fairly easily.

Have one strap on your muzzle?

We definitely recommend securing your muzzle if it only has one strap. Almost every brand has one strap and most will easily pull off if not secured.

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