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Incorrect Measuring Methods

There is many ways other companies tell you to measure your dog and almost always it is incorrect. Below is some common issues/questions members have when trying to measure their dog.

Measuring A Yawn

Measuring your dogs yawn instead of their full pant will likely give you a muzzle that is too big/bulky. Dogs do not need full room to yawn as most of the time, their yawns are more significant than full pants, making the muzzle they have incredibly oversized. If your dog can fully pant, they will have enough room for a restricted yawn which is completely fine and much less dangerous than a restricted pant. 

Shown in the pic: The purple muzzle was sized to fit a yawn but shows full pant is much smaller than the dog's yawn, which made the muzzle too big. Once sized to a muzzle that fit full pant without being big, the dog was much more comfortable. A dog can still yawn and its much less important than breathing or not choking.

Measuring Off The Face

When taking measurements or pictures of them, you need to make sure the tape measure is as close to the nose/face as possible. Moving the tape away from the face will make the measurement smaller, especially if photographing to send into MTT.  

As shown in the picture when the dog was measured away from the face with pant measurement was 3.25", we spotted this upon form submission and requested a new picture which shows a much different measurement of 4.5". Unfortunately without pictures there's no way for us to confirm if this has happened which is why we recommend trying to get as many pics of the measurements as possible.

yawning in a muzzle

Following Other Companies Methods

*This does not include custom muzzles.*

Unfortunately so many people measure incorrectly which instantly sets them up to get the wrong muzzle, add that to muzzle sizes and measurements usually being wrong (unless using MTTs) you can see how it's so easy to get the wrong fit. 

Other companies may recommend adding 1-2" of circumference which usually isn't even enough for the smallest of dogs. Or they will not check measurements and blindly assumes your dog sits still and you measured perfectly. You can read more about only using length/circumference in Sizing A Muzzle.

incorrect sizing guide
measuring off the face

How Not To Measure

While this picture was made as a joke for our members, it is an excellent example of how not to measure your dog. 

We feel there is lots of inaccurate information out there on how you should measure your dog, and while it does depend on the dog and the muzzle you want we feel very confident our method (tried by literally 10000+ members) will work best for almost every muzzle and dog.

how not measure
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