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CHOPO Wire Muzzles

Manufacturer: CHOPO (Europe)

Available: Worldwide

Options: 30+ sizes 

Sellers: 10+

Scavenge Proof: Partially can be covered

Bite proof: Yes

chopo wire muzzle

Because multiple companies sell these muzzles, they have a confusing size/number ‘guide’. Most companies use their own numbers/sizes which means some muzzles have two or more size/numbers even though they are the same muzzle.

How it works:

CHOPO is the original manufacturer of these muzzles. They have 40+ sizes in total. FDT picked 30 muzzles from their selection and renumbered them 1-30 (no way corresponding to their original model numbers). D&T and LEERBURG (F size) purchased from FDT and kept 1-30 numbers but put their own nosebands on.


Now LEERBURG has also started buying directly from CHOPO and have used the correct/original numbers CHOPO use. (C sizes)


For example: when we say 1F/20C this is one size with 2 size names.

So you would purchase 1 from FDT or D&T, 1F or 20C from LEERBURG or 20C from MTT. 

All the same muzzle, simple as that. They may have different rubber coating and nosebands but they are still the same model.


We have put together a chart that shows all the corresponding sizes/numbers from each company. As well as a folder with a picture of each of the sizes with their numbers.


If you are still confused, you likely haven’t been sized by MTT, who will give you the exact sizes you need from all companies.

REMEMBER: ONLY Muzzle Training and Tips have the correct size chart for the CHOPO 'M9/M10'.

Common names/companies:


For dog trainers ‘M9/M10.’

Dean and Tyler ‘Freedom’

Leerburg ‘Polymer Wire (C/F)’

Chicundscharf ‘CHOPO'

CHOPO size comparisons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.



  • Bite proof

  • Large range of sizes

  • For small to xl large dogs

  • Lightweight (considering), normal wire is a smidge lighter.

  • Regular wire and rubberised option (for heat/cold)

  • Nose padding

  • Can be modified (noseband/straps etc.)

  • Good for long tongues

  • Well ventilated

  • Can drink, take treats and pant when correctly fit.


  • Not great for some muzzle punchers

  • Sleeping in it is more challenging (sometimes)

  • One strap (can add your own)

  • Not as great for determined scavengers (needs easy mods)

  • Companies that sell them size wrong and have incorrect measurements.

MTT Info Charts

Muzzle Training and Tips are the only ones who have a full and accurate size, measurement and weight chart for these muzzles. Most companies use a wildly inaccurate or incomplete chart, which is unfair to customers who should know exactly what they are purchasing. 

Sizing CHOPO Muzzles

Use this database below to help size your dog. It has all the charts linked on this page but also a 'how it could fit' and average measurements that fit in them.

Make & Material

Nosebands: It is very common to get different nosebands when you purchase from different suppliers. Most companies have their own nosebands made to differ in look, material, size and shape. Even though they will use different ones, sometimes, you can receive an FDT from Leerburg if they have forgotten to swap with theirs. There isn't much difference between the US companies except for sizes like 29C or 30C, where they can come with a longer or shorter noseband. You will also see that MTT sells a 'stock' noseband option. This is the commonly used/sold noseband in Europe which is where I source mine from. Finding muzzles with the thicker company noseband proves more difficult.​

No matter what, they all provide comfort if they fit correctly. Some prefer the wider nosebands, whereas others want the narrow ones that are easy to mod/change.

Rubber: The rubberising on these muzzles can change over suppliers/sellers/orders and sizes. These muzzles are dipped in rubber and you will not always get the exact same as the last. CHOPO (C sizes) usually have thicker rubber than FDT/DT/F sizes. 

No matter the name or company selling these muzzles, the original manufacturer and the company that deserves the credit is Chopo Czech s.r.o. Because the muzzles are handmade, you will also find slight differences throughout each muzzle. As shown in pic, both muzzles are the same size. The right is just the new 'updated' design without the point over the nose. So some companies may still have old stock, which may seem different to the untrained eye. 

Member Reviews

Easily our favourite muzzles.
Pros: lightweight, very breathable, bite-proof, allows the dogs to drink/take treats, variety of sizes allowed us for the best fit, pups liked them the best
Cons: price, hurts when a dog runs into you

We love these for our GSD and Staffy. We have a size one and a size 20. Pros: durable, and our pups prefer the more open style face vs a head strap like others. Dogs like being able to drink in them also Plus sleepy puppies in them are hilarious Con: It did take a little time readjusting since they are a little heavier than the Baskerville but nothing that a few rounds of reinforcement training can't fit.

I love them! Great size variety, lightweight. My favourite muzzle compared to others I've used.Cons - painful when the dog muzzle punches you

Muzzle punches from these muzzles are no fun. But the variety in sizing is the best. With minor modifications, this muzzle is the best fit for my Doberman. He’s comfortable in it and allows full unrestricted pants, and it looks great!My dog is not a bite risk, but this would be our go-to muzzle if he were.

I really love it now that yall helped us find the right size. The metal makes it easy to get the best fit while remaining bite proof, I also like that I can clearly see my dog's whole face with it on. My only complaint is that it needs to be attached to another collar to be really secure. I also wish the coating on the weatherproof version was sturdier, it scrapes off too easily.

I love how lightweight it is, very roomy for pant and easy access to provide treats. I would say it’s well made and I feel confident that my dog could not bite through it. My dog is very comfortable in this muzzle! The only real con is the nose pad, it just didn’t sit in the right place for us, e.g. close to eyes. This is personal preference though. But a few modifications can be sorted.

Where/How To Purchase

MTT Muzzles - (WORLDWIDE): Option 1/6

EXC. Europe since it is easier to buy from there than through me. The UK is not included in 'Europe' for shipping. 


We use C sizing for CHOPO muzzles and have every size available.

Remember you can get MTT Muzzle coupons after completing a sizing form on Sizing & Fitting Help.



They are a US-based company but ship internationally (though not recommended due to high postage cost). We recommend using Leerburg if you live in the US, this is so you don't take away options/stock for those who can't luckily order from their own country. Everyone except for the EU (Not the UK) and the US has to order from overseas.


Do NOT follow their sizing or measurements. They are incorrect and incomplete for correct sizing. See here for how they size, shipping and wait time info.


These are labelled as such:

C sizes = CHOPO sizing

F sizes = FDT sizing

For example, if you want a 16F (FDT), you can also get a 65C; more info on the size/number chart is linked in the information.



FDT ‘M9/M10’ (WORLDWIDE): Option 3/6

See here for how they size, shipping and wait time info.

What to do for the best outcome:

  1. Pick the model (M9/M10) and location you want

  2. Pick the size given on rec (1-30) *drop-down may say ‘I will fill my dog's measurements’, click that to select size.*

  3. Please do NOT give them any information like measurements, breed, size or age. They WILL size wrong and possibly refuse to refund.

  4. Using PayPal ensures you have a backup if they refuse a refund/exchange. They may also help with the return shipping fee.

  5. Once purchased, it’s likely they will email/call you for your information, reply to ‘send the size you ordered. They will send it.

Not following the above puts you at high risk of getting the wrong size and not returning it.



USA : M9 Model, M10 Model

CANADA: M9 Model, M10 Model

UK: M9 Model, M10 Model

AUS: M9 Model, M10 Model

NZ: M9 Model, M10 Model

ASIA: M9 Model, M10 Model

EUROPE Stores: Options 4,5,6/6

Options are extensive and we only recommend buying from them and not FDT or MTT.



Chicundscharf is an excellent option for Germany and other EU countries (check with C&S first).

Low cost and fast shipping. They have almost all CHOPO muzzles available and the regular and rubberised wire.


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