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Prestige Wire

Manufacturer: Prestige Pet

Names: Prestige

Location: AUS

Ships: AUS

Options: 8 sizes

Sellers: 5+

Scavenge Proof: Partially, would need to cover the front for some dogs

Bite proof: Yes

Muzzle in pic is small for the dog

prestige wire muzzle

Pros & Cons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.


  • Bite proof

  • Lightweight (for wire)

  • Nose padding

  • Multiple sizes

  • Available online and in pet stores

  • Suitable for drinking, rewarding and panting when properly fit

  • Measured accurately


  • Cheaper straps

  • Straps placed weird (can replace)

  • Only in Aus

  • Smaller sizes

MTT Info Charts

Muzzle Training and Tips are the only ones who have a full and accurate size, measurement and weight chart for these muzzles. Most companies use a wildly inaccurate or incomplete chart, which is unfair to customers who should know exactly what they are purchasing.

Make & Material

This muzzle is made from a strong and welded metal, it is strong and hard to break. The noseband that comes on them is okay for moth dogs but it is fairly minimum and you may need to add your own, the straps are even cheaper nylon material and sit lower on the muzzle which usually result in needing to be modified. It has a plastic quick release 


Where/How To Purchase

prestige wire muzzle

Sizing PRESTIGE Muzzles

Use this database below to help size your dog. It has all the charts linked on this page but also a 'how it could fit' and average measurements that fit in them.

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