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Noseband Mods
(3 Parts)

Please note this page is for changing and replacing nosebands, it does not include cutting down the original noseband muzzles have to help length fit better, this information is in the wire/other length mods tab.

Wrapping The Noseband (1)

Some members will wrap their nosebands for extra comfort or to cover the wire after modding down the length. This is also recommended to do if you’ve modified your noseband down to the wire.

  • You can use vet wrap, felt, neoprene, yarn etc.

  • Just remember some things stay on/cleaner than others.

The pictures show multiple examples of members wrapping their nosebands to either create extra padding or just to make it look nice. Either way, it's a straightforward task for most dog owners.

Adding A Noseband/Padding (2)

Some muzzles don’t come with a noseband (like greyhound and Baskerville); adding a noseband yourself can help with comfort. Adding a noseband can take some height, depending on how thick you make it.

  • You can add a noseband to these by using vet wrap, yarn, neoprene etc.

  • It was done by wrapping, sewing, gluing or riveting.

Adding A Biothane Noseband (3)

Some members have removed the nose pad on their wire altogether and replaced it with biothane straps. To do this, you need to remove the rivets from the original nose pad, take it off, measure how much biothane you need, add holes, and use Chicago screws to put it back on.

If replaced with biothane, you will need to keep an eye on the dog's nose as it can cause rubbing on some dogs. You could also use vet wrap over the biothane to add more padding for comfort.  

Usually, you will only need 1/2" biothane for smaller muzzles and 5/8" for larger ones, its always best to measure to make sure, but that is the standard for the most part.

Members Custom Noseband (4)

This member has gone to a collar maker and asked for custom nosebands to be made to match their dogs harnesses. We love the idea and think it looks great!  They've used nylon type material, press studs to easily remove and soft padding underneath.

This maker was a friend in Europe so you'd be best finding someone close by to do similar 

Full credit to Lucia Bohlen for the idea