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Muzzle Straps Mods
(3 Parts)

Learn how to add a quick release, shorten your straps or add an adjustable strap, this page is aimed towards the straps already on the muzzles but you can do this with any strap.

Add A Quick Release (1)


  • Biothane  5/8”

  • Quick-release buckle 5/8”

  • Chicago screws (much safer than standard rivets)

  • Leather hole punch

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

How to:

First, make sure you have a well-fit muzzle.

  1. Use the old strap to measure how long you need

  2. Cut the piece longer than needed, so you have room to adjust. Remember to add approximately 2” extra for where you fold and rivet.

  3. Trim all the corners off the Biothane and burn the ends to keep it sealed.

  4. Once everything is cut, you can line up where you need the holes for the rivets. Double-check everything, then hole punch-out where you need.

  5. Add the straps and rivets to the muzzle. My strap has extra holes on one side of the quick release. This makes it still adjustable without the need for a buckle.

Shortening Muzzle Straps (2)

Shortening straps are common on muzzles where the strap received is too long for your dog but has room to shorten without adding holes or replacing the strap.

To shorten the straps without cutting, you can fold the straps over on themselves and zip-tie/tape. This is a good option for those who can’t cut/modify the straps.

This is commonly done with JAFCO straps since they are usually pretty long on the 'buckle' side, like pictured.

Add An Adjustable Strap (3)

Coming soon

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