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Decorating Muzzles
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This tab covers all things decorating. From painting wire or JAFCO muzzles or vet wrapping and duct taping. Whatever method you use, it is sure to be colourful and fun.

Vet Wrapping The Muzzle (1)

Some members wrap their muzzles in vet wrap to decorate them. This can be used just for looks or to bring more attention to the muzzle to keep people at a distance. Vet wrap sticks to itself and will need redoing depending on much you use the muzzle. It also gets dirty pretty fast.

A member wrapped theirs in vet wrap and even made a how-to video; see HERE

Adding Duct Tape (2)

We have had members use duct tape to decorate their muzzles. You can usually find this at most craft stores or online (Amazon/ebay etc). It’s harder work with all the small pieces to wrap and would likely need redoing every so often.

Fully wrapping your muzzle in duct tape can make it slightly heavier for your dog but it usually is not a noticeable difference.

You can also see the rainbow muzzle also has a scavenging guard made from duct.

Adding Semi Permanent Vinyl (3)

Another member has used permanent vinyl to wrap their muzzles. It will stay on better than removable vinyl. Cut the size pieces you need and wrap the wire individually. It will be harder to do on curved edges.


This is just for looks; it will likely eventually come off or be torn if used often. The material does well with being slightly heated up when wrapped around the muzzle to stick better.

Painting A JAFCO (4)

Coming soon