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JAFCO Muzzles

Manufacturer: JAFCO

Location: USA

Ships: Worldwide

Options: 9 Sizes

Sellers: 10+

Scavenge Proof: Yes

Bite proof: Yes

The JAFCO muzzle is an excellent choice for bite risk dogs, and for just about any other reason, it comes in white and black (hard plastic) and clear (vinyl). There is also a heap strap and treat hole option. However, we don’t recommend getting the treat hole on the clear if you have a determined bite risk or scavenger.

two dogs in black jafco muzzles

Pros & Cons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.


  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight

  • Bite proof (ex. clear style with treat hole)

  • Great for scavenging/vets/at home

  • Treat hole and head strap option

  • Can modify

  • Nose padding


  • Smaller size range (small to med/large)

  • It doesn't fit the breeds they suggest

  • Clear is more bendable

  • More enclosed

  • Straps are placed weirdly on some models

  • Incorrect sizing/measurements on the JAFCO website.

  • White/black is harder to modify

MTT Info Charts

Muzzle Training and Tips are the only ones who have a full and accurate size, measurement and weight chart for these muzzles. Most companies use a wildly inaccurate or incomplete chart, which is unfair to customers who should know exactly what they are purchasing. 

Make & Material

The JAFCO muzzle is made of Clear vinyl or White and Black polyethylene plastic with reinforced neoprene straps. The clear, flexible vinyl, and available in all nine sizes, comes as shown with a single strap configuration or a "third strap" that extends from the bridge of the dog's nose up between the eyes to connect with the strap behind the ears. Available as shown or with a large "treat hole" in front for most sizes.

The white/black muzzle​ is made of lightweight, high-density polyethylene and is available in all nine sizes; it comes as shown with a single strap configuration or with a "third strap" that extends from the bridge of the dog's nose up between the eyes to connect with the strap behind the ears. Available as shown or with a large "treat hole" in front for most sizes.

All sizes have a felt noseband, and you can easily add quick-release buckles to these straps and modify, decorate etc.


JAFCO may be the more popular brand of muzzle but there is a few similar types made by Ray-Allen and Redline. You can see they do have some slight differences and also different sizes. You can learn more about them on the Redline and Rayallen pages.

jafco options
JAFCO knock offs

Where/How To Purchase



Pet expertise: CLICK HERE



Sir means sit: CLICK HERE 

Animal care: CLICK HERE

Sit happens: CLICK HERE





Pet expertise: CLICK HERE

Vinyl only: CLICK HERE




Also see below



White only: CLICK HERE 



SOFAHUND (Uk & Europe)


Sofahund have a different ordering system but we have had members order from them no problems. 
They do PayPal if you ask them about it, as long as you pay the fee. See HERE for more info on Sofahund ordering.

Member Reviews

I love these muzzles but unfortunately they were too small for my girls. They’re also quite enclosed which I don’t like as much. They’re super comfortable, great for vets/home/sleeping. And no hard muzzle punches


Love my clear vinyl JAFCO for play sessions, vets, and anything in between. The flexible material is very forgiving when you get muzzle punched—only thing I dislike is that it is hard to clean 100%. Ive found it pretty much impossible to clean the chin area where the vinyl is held together by rivets. Dirt and grass and slobber gets caught in between the layers of vinyl. It’s impossible to try and fit anything in there to clean it out and hard to have water run through it as well.

pros: light weight, bite proof, allows dog to drink
Cons: can’t see the dogs face, harder to give treats, limited in sizes, my dogs least favourite
(We have a clear JAFCO we like a lot better than the white, still isn’t first choice in our house)
Size 5. Pros: Fairly easy to treat with Zuke's mini treats. They fit through the small holes easily, Breathable, easy to clean. 
Cons: can't see the dogs face, limited sizes, we had to modify to get a good fit.

We have the clear size 3. I like that it looks a bit less intimidating than a typical muzzle, and that the clear allows me to clearly see her pant. My dog, however, doesn’t seem to like when condensation builds in the muzzle (she does a lot of lip licking) and refuses to swim in it (but she’ll swim readily in the Leerburg)


White plastic JAFCO - difficult to size and a bit scary to modify if you are not good with tools. Very light weight so good for running about but hard so possibly not so good for playing with a football. Straps are quite weird material and flap about.

Sizing JAFCO Muzzles

Use this database below to help size your dog. It has all the charts linked on this page but also a 'how it could fit' and average measurements that fit in them.

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