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TYDM Vinyl

Maker: Trust Your Dog Muzzles

Location: USA

Ships: USA & Canada (or you can use a forwarding address)

Options: custom

Scavenge Proof: yes

Bite proof: Yes, dogs can get a grip through the flexible material/hole unless it has a treat hole as determined.

Pros & Cons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.

trust your dog muzzle


  • Good for training

  • Keeping people at a distance

  • Custom

  • Extra straps

  • Colourful

  • Soft for muzzle punchers

  • Can drink if correctly fit


  • No nose padding (can add)

  • It causes rubbing on some dogs

  • Bendable material

  • Limited shipping locations

  • Higher costs

  • Longer wait time

Make & Material

TYDM makes these muzzles out of vinyl material that varies depending on the size you order.

You can fully customise your muzzles' length, width, height, circumference, etc., whilst picking out your favourite biothane colours for the straps. You can choose to add a treat hole for rewarding, and some ask for extra ventilation holes. 

The make of these muzzles does an excellent job in making sure the muzzles fit a full pant and will work with you if it doesn't. They also make the straps very adjustable so you can make sure it fits your dog correctly and is secure.

Some members have made their own muzzles for their dogs, you can find that info HERE.

trust your dog muzzles

Where/How To Purchase

Be sure to contact Amy from TYDM before measuring and purchasing your muzzle if confused on sizing or how to measure. TYDM will likely need different measurements than us as they are a custom muzzle, where are our methods help size into already measured muzzles.

Member Reviews

We went to Amy for our muzzle needs twice and loved our experience both times. The website is straightforward and easy to use, and Amy sends you an email after your order to verify color preferences, snout orientation, measurements, and to see if she needs to add a little extra room to accommodate a full pant. We waited about 8 weeks for each muzzle. We needed a custom sized muzzle for my bite-risk mutt Harvey, but I couldn't find a pre-made bite-proof option that fit him and the vinyl muzzles weren't an option at the time. Since biothane isn't bite-proof, I went with the fully strapped and added our own fortification to it to make it more bite-proof. The vinyl muzzle is made of very thick vinyl and is very sturdy. All the head straps are adjustable and removeable making for easy adjustment for the perfect fit. I ended up removing the extra chin strap because I felt it was inhibiting Sadie's ability to pant, but its nice for some optional added security. Overall we love our TYDMs and 100% recommend them. The prices are great, the maker is great, and the product quality is great. An added bonus is that they match our other biothane dog gear for cohesive color coordination. - Tatyonna Jordan


We paid about $250+ CAD for our muzzle and it even arrived in the mail sooner than estimated.

 The measurement instructions were very clear and they even ask for pictures, so that took some of the stress off of not reading an accurate measurement because they'd be able to see what I can see.

 There were SO many colour options, right down to the hardware.

 We were able to add a forehead strap and a treat hole.

 The muzzle is very well constructed and bite proof.

 It's lightweight and able to be worn during heavy exercise (ie. hikes) and in all weather (ie. hot summer, snowy winter).

 The biothane and vinyl material are very easy to clean! - Jess Gom


This muzzle is perfectly sized to the custom measurements we submitted. The process was easy, and the instructions made it clear how to take the exact right measurements. The colours are so fun and make the muzzle look less intimidating. I love that it’s bite-proof and cute! - Jessi Kappes

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