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The Muzzle Shop

Manufacturer: They sell multiple, Don pare and Birdwell being the most popular

Location: UK

Ships: Worldwide

Options: 30+ sizes

Sellers: you can find don pare/Birdwell muzzles elsewhere

Scavenge Proof: Depends on the front coverage and flexibility

Bite proof: Depends on the front coverage and flexibility

Extras: They also sell stool guards for some of the muzzles; it's one size that fits inside on a large muzzle and outside on a medium muzzle. *note that other stool guards not made by TMS won't fit as well/at all. They also sell muzzle keepers, extension straps, dog treats and more.

medium dog wearing a don pare muzzle (the muzzle shop)

Pros & Cons

What is good or bad about these muzzles will depend on the dog, owner and also size. This list below is generalised.


  • Low cost

  • Lightweight

  • Some sizes fit a stool guard

  • Easy to modify/add noseband

  • Ships worldwide (low cost)

  • Sells Birdwell muzzles


  • No nosebands

  • Some styles can break easier

  • Chin strap needs removing for most

  • Made for smaller dogs

  • Made for narrower dogs

MTT Info Charts

The Muzzle Shop is one company who has gone above and beyond! They came to us asking about measurements and went and got updated measurements on all their muzzles! It is awesome to be able to say we did not get these measurements but we did make the chart for easy reading. 

Make & Material

Greyhound muzzles come in all shapes, colours, materials, and sometimes sizes (though still limited to certain types).

Muzzles like Birdwell, don pare and some TMS sizes are the largest greyhound style muzzles you can get. They are made from either hard plastic or a softer silicone. These usually have stool guards to fit as they are considered a 'kennel' muzzle, not a racing muzzle. The lightweight racing muzzles you see usually are wire or flexible/lightweight plastic like pictured. They prevent nipping whilst running but are not usually an excellent choice for more determined biters.

Most muzzles you find will be plastic/wire with either PVC, wire or nylon straps. Sometimes, the straps will be too small for normal-sized dogs, but the basket will fit, requiring some strap mods. 

the muzzle shop muzzles

Where/How To Purchase

Member Reviews

Tried Muzzle Shop 110. Way too small for my dog, the material was very light and flexible. There is no nose padding so that I can see the top of the muzzle irritating dogs with sensitive skin and movement.


Have used muzzle shop 110 and a few off brands from AUS. Great muzzles, the only downside is some are not bite proof and are too small for most dogs

Sizing GREYHOUND Muzzles

Use this database below to help size your dog. It has all the charts linked on this page but also a 'how it could fit' and average measurements that fit in them.

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