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Open Measurements

MTT has a particular way to measure your dog, which we believe is the best way to get a good fit; At the same time, some places may suggest differently, so when we refer to measuring your dog, the methods listed below are the only ones MTT use as it has been changed and improved by experience over the last two years. This page will cover measuring full pant/open height and open circumference.

Disclaimer: Firstly if your dog is a bite risk to you or doesn't allow hands/things near their face we DO NOT RECOMMEND MEASURING them. Putting your dogs through unnecessary stress when it is possible to use other methods (listed below). On another note please DO NOT use your hands to open your dog's mouth. You should not measure if you have to force any more than a comfortable level.  

How To Get Your Dogs Open Measurements (3 Parts)

1: Open Height

This is equal to your dog's full or regular pant measurement, it's called 'open height' as there are different methods to measure it which are measuring full/regular pant, measuring with a ball accurate to full/regular pant or approximating the dogs full/regular pant height. 

The open height measurement is taken at the tallest part of the pant (usually the front) straight up and down. Exercise your dog to full or regular pant (depending on what you need) and then measure them. 

  • Using a hard/straight measuring tape is best. To get this measurement, you can get your dog exercising and then take the measurement.

  • Taking a few extra days to get this can increase your chance of sizing the first time correctly greatly. You do not have to get this measurement to size, and it's possible to approximate pant height by comparing full pant pic to their closed mouth measurement.

If you cannot measure your dogs full/regular pant, read over using a ball further down this page. 

Please do NOT pull your dogs mouth open for this measurement, its so unfortunate that I have to clarify this but in no way is it safe or necessary, skip the measurement if you can't get it, don't force your dog into a position that's probably not even the same as their pant size.

2. Open Circumference

An open circumference is the measurement of your dogs snout around the tallest part whilst they are fully panting (or regular panting depending on what you size muzzle you need) with a soft tape measure or string.

Exercise your dog to full pant and then measure as best you can, though this measurement is really difficult to get and pretty unnecessary if you already have the open height measurement, which is much easier.

3. Using A Ball

A ball or toy is used to replicate your dogs pant size so you can measure and get the open height & circumference. If sending info and pics into Sizing & Fitting Help forms, only taking a photo of your dog holding a ball does not replace your dogs pant.


You cannot only put any ball in their mouth to measure and expect that to be your dogs open height. This is why we mention that taking photos of your dogs pant is helpful, as you can have them hold the ball to compare. This way you will know if the ball is over/under exaggerated or accurate to their full/regular pant. If it is over exaggerated then you know to take a slight amount off their measurements, and if under exaggerated you can add more to the measurement. The approximating tab goes over this more as well.

  • Set 1: This ball picture shows that it is accurate to a full pant.

  • Set 2: This ball picture shows that it overexaggerates the dogs full pant, if the person measured with the ball and I didn't see the full pant or you based their open height off it, it would be likely they would end up with a muzzle that is too big. Either use a smaller ball or approximate by taking off some height.

Set 1:
dog holding a ball
dog fully panting
Set 2:
dog fully panting
dog holding a ball
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