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Pant Information & FAQ

The size of a muzzle matters greatly when something like a dog panting is part of a necessary function to live a healthy life. Used incorrectly muzzles can injure your dog (or worse). Ensuring your dog can properly breathe, cool down and vomit is essential when sizing a muzzle. You can find more information on why a muzzle should fit a dogs pant on Why Size Matters.

What Is A Regular Pant?

This is your dogs regular or daily pants. Usually the pant they'll have on a casual walk/play or even just slightly stressed. It's harder to judge regular pants if it often changes depending on what you're doing. If this were the case for your dog, we recommend sizing to full pants. Muzzle for regular pants is suitable for grooming, the vets, travelling etc., where a full pant isn't as needed. This is also why some muzzles will look big when panting because the dog is only regular panting in a 'full pant height' muzzle.

What Is A Full Pant?

This is your dogs fullest pants. Usually, after exercise, playing, high stress, hot days etc. Ensuring your muzzle fits a full pant correctly when needed is essential to keep them safe. Full pant is always recommended if you have a dog with breathing or heat issues. If you're unsure of what you need, the best option would be to go for a full pant size in case, or some people purchase a muzzle for each pant to suit exactly what they need.

dog regular pant
dog full pant



Can you/I size without a full or regular pant?

Yes! Whilst it is recommended to get these, you can size without the pictures mentioned it is more likely to be an incorrect fit on the first try for full pants, so make sure you approximate well.


My dog does not pant?

Whilst some dogs are an exception, not seeing your dog pant likely means you have not worked them enough (if safe) to full pant. You may need to exercise/play more to ensure it doesn't get bigger. Exceptions would be medical issues, new dogs or truly small pants.


We just want a muzzle for inside?

Even an indoors/low activity muzzle still needs to fit a regular pant, at least. Any smaller is too small and not appropriate for use. No panting doesn't mean they shouldn't have the room; if your dog were to escape or need to vomit, the space is essential to keep your dog safe.


Summer vs Winter full pants?

Some dogs also have different sized full pants in summer compared to winter. The easiest way to size this is to go with the most important measurement to suit all seasons. Or you could purchase two muzzles.


I definitely can't get a pant pic, what should I do?

Some dogs will not pant enough for helpful pictures when sizing. Whilst this is unfortunate, it doe not mean the end with no other options. Instead, make sure you can get additional info we ask for and let us know roughly how big the pant is when you have seen them previously.


What issues can a muzzle too small for pant cause?

Breathing issues, overheating, choking, stress, heightened aggression or reactivity, inability to yawn, rubbing, bruising, negative associations and much more. You wouldn't hold their mouth shut and ask them to deal with it happily for hours at a time whilst eating, drinking and playing. It's abuse.


How can I tell if it fits my dogs pant?

The obvious answer is if your dog can't pant, it's too small, but sometimes the fit is too close to tell from just trying it on. The best way to check is to use it while keeping an eye on your dog to watch for any restrictions, rubbing, new pawing etc. Read over fitting a muzzle for more info.

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