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Securing A Muzzle

Securing a muzzle is highly recommended by MTT. Most muzzles come with one strap, which isn’t enough for pretty much all dogs, and the muzzle will easily slip over the ears.


We recommend securing to a ‘snug collar’ or making your chin straps secure the muzzle and its straps. Before securing your muzzle make sure you have had its fit checked (or checked yourself) as securing won't help a big or small muzzle if the issue is falling or pulling off.


Securing a muzzle is highly recommended by MTT. Most muzzles come with one strap which isn’t enough for pretty much all dogs and the muzzle will easily slip over the ears. Securing is also useful in making sure you don't lose your muzzle, we have many members who have off leash or swimming muzzled dogs and losing your muzzle is not fun. You can click through the tabs above to read over the information. The X will bring you back to this first page.

Scroll down further for steps to follow and some FAQ.

Frequently Asked Securing Questions

Does your dog pull off their muzzle?

If you are here because your dog is pulling off their muzzle then you first need to work out if there are any other causes to this problem, the most common reason is the dog is in a small/ill fit muzzle or it is not muzzle trained properly. If your muzzle fits and your dog is fully muzzle trained then we would recommend securing the muzzle and working on redirection. Securing to fix the other issues mentioned is not fixing the problem and will only cause more stress.

Will securing help a muzzle that is too big?

If your muzzle is too big its likely securing won't help, in this case we suggest getting the correct fit, rather then trying to make it stay on by over tightening everything.

My muzzle moves around?

When fit correctly a muzzle will move around on the nose, securing will help this but it shouldn’t restrict movement fully. A correctly fit muzzle will sit big on the dogs face when closed mouth since the size is for the important pant, so dogs' playing/running without panting are much more likely to have the muzzle move around.

My muzzle has more than one strap, does it need securing?

It completely depends on the muzzle you have and how it fits your dog. If you think it could slip off, then secure it. If you're sure it's not going anywhere then don't secure.

Muzzle pulls into eyes when tightening/securing?

If your muzzle goes into the eyes when tightening the strap this is likely a length problem, check fit with MTT then have a look over modifying first. If the length does work then you may need to loosen one strap and tighten the other, as well as using for a bit and retrying different holes until you find the right fit.

Can I make a securing strap?

Absolutely! Many members choose to make their own straps, you can find all this information under the Securing tab on the Modifying Muzzles page.

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