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Wire Width Mods (3 Parts)

This page is for modding the width of wire muzzles. It goes over narrowing and widening the width, as well as modifying the cheeks on the muzzles too.

Narrowing Wire Muzzle Widths (1)

DISCLAIMER: Modifying width on these muzzles is extremely common; while we agree it’s best not to squish them if possible, sometimes there is no other option. Just because we mention squishing does not mean you HAVE to do it. Decide for yourself whether or not it needs it. You can't expect to return a squished muzzle, so do NOT do it until fit is confirmed by yourself or fit checked by MTT.

  • Please keep in mind this muzzle is squished to my dog's needs, and yours may be different.

  • While you can squish overall width (most commonly over the nose), you cannot squish front width.

  • Don't go any faster than I did in the video, especially if you've never squished a muzzle before. Ideally, you'll want to go a bit slower. That way, you don't risk snapping the wires on the muzzle.

  • Some muzzles are easier to squish than others, so make sure you gradually use more pressure.


  • Place the muzzle on the ground, preferably a solid and smooth surface (like asphalt, for example) - in this case, the ground was frozen solid, so it worked great for squishing.


  • Gently step/push on the muzzle in the area you want to squish. Usually, this is over the nose/in the nose pad area.


  • Slowly push/step on the muzzle to squish in width gradually.

  • Flip and repeat.

  • Don't be afraid to step/push on it but also don't go too fast or use extreme pressure. If you do this or try to squish it too far, you risk snapping your muzzle.


  • Repeat step 3 as needed but check fit frequently. You don't want to over squish the muzzle and make it too tight, either. Frequent checking, including checking fit while panting, is essential for dogs that pant wide rather than tall.

  • Most muzzles don’t need much narrowing.


  • In most cases, the cheeks will need pulling out after squishing. Keep the muzzle in place with your foot or one hand and pull the cheek bars out.

  • Make sure you’re bending the wire, not the join/weld.

  • You can do this by either keeping your foot/hand on top of the muzzle and slightly pulling up.

  • Again, you may need to pull them out more/less than shown in the video and, in some cases, closer to the basket part of the muzzle - this will depend on the individual dog. Cheeks should be snug at full won’t but not tight/loose.


Widening Wire Muzzle Widths (2)

Widening a wire muzzle is a common mod for most muzzles. Especially if your dog has a wider head or pants like most bullies, boxers, mastiffs etc., most wires can be somewhat modified. Still, if it seems like you're going to need to bend the muzzle significantly, you may need another size, not modifying. 


This is why we always recommend a fit check before modifying anything.


Muzzles like CHOPO and JVM come at different widths depending on the supplier and shipper. Sometimes the cheeks can be narrower than usual (or wider), which means you will need to pull out the cheeks to help the snugness.


If your dog's cheeks are snug, but the snout has a good width, it's reasonably likely the muzzle could do with some widening. If you find the muzzle is snug over the snout as well, it's probably too narrow altogether.



It has happened a few times, but the muzzle was bent too hard/fast or a faulty weld. Whilst no company will refund a broken muzzle after bending, they will if it bends/breaks by itself (in shipping etc.)


Step 1:

Take a picture of your muzzle from above, like shown on your dog and also off your dog. Work out exactly how much each side should be pulled out by reading over, checking fit, and measuring.


* If you have to widen the cheeks over an inch total, we suggest double-checking that fit is correct and that you do the mod very carefully as you don't want to over bend. 


*Over bending depends on the muzzle and size too, some can be modified much more than others.


Step 2:

Place the muzzle on the ground on its side, place foot in the muzzle to hold it down and start pulling up closer to where the noseband is. 

Do NOT start at the cheek end as you don't want to bend out the end as shown in the picture.

Slowly pull out and then switch to the other side and repeat.


Step 3:

Then move up an inch towards the cheek and repeat the step above. The closer you move towards the straps on the muzzle, the easier it will be to pull out, so be careful with how much pressure you use.

 Repeat the above steps and recheck on your dog. These steps above may have only stretched out the cheeks by .75" but usually that is enough. You should not be yanking out the cheeks a huge amount and not expect it to break.


Muzzle Training and Tips are in no way responsible for a broken muzzle, you are bending welded wire, it is not meant to hold up to sharp bends or hits. We have given this advice to hundreds of members and unless unsafe we will recommend it as most people would prefer to modify than keep buying muzzles that may not fit just to avoid modifying. 


Follow the steps that are tried and test hundreds of times over and go slow.


Done this mod before? Send us pics :)

Modding The Cheeks (3)

Coming soon

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