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Extra Muzzle Mods
(4 Parts)

This tab is for modifying your muzzle to stop scavenging, to help with playing or even protecting your legs or other dogs from muzzle punchers (slam the muzzle/face into you), or rubberising your wire muzzle.

Scavenging Mods (1)

You can add vet wrap, tape, wire (safely), biothane, paracord, and more to the front of your muzzle to help with scavenging. We do not recommend doing this expecting it to make muzzles bite-proof; for example, covering the front of a Baskerville ultra would not stop the dog from getting a grip/bite through it.


It can also help with:

  • Protection from baits

  • Licking injuries

  • Stop fingers making their way in

  • Stop from picking up objects

  • Stop poop eating

Playing Mods (2)

One member added Velcro to the front of the muzzle so the dog could still fetch the ball, another made a ball the dog could easily grab with the muzzle on. 

Protection/Padding Mods (3)

A member has modded their wire muzzle on the front to help with muzzle punching. Wire can hurt when getting hit with it. Most dogs do fine with wire, but if you have a dog that already hits your legs running by or has crap spatial awareness, you’ll likely want to modify.

It's a piece of impact-resistant rubber (25mm x 6mm), and they used wool to tie around it. Materials availed to use will vary from what area you’re in. The best option is to google what you need in your area, then asking an international-based group.


-3 Pics/info from Tara Herbert


Other things you could use is wrapping in vet wrap/wool, foam padding, using zip ties etc.


A member wrapped theirs in vet wrap and even made a how-to video

See HERE. 4th Pic/info by Sarah Louise Foreman

Rubberising/Repairing Wire or Rubberised Muzzles (4)

FIRST OPTION: First 3 pics

For everyone that needs to repair the cover in their M10 muzzle or add your own.

My dog keeps dragging the muzzle on the ground when he sniffs, and it was damaging the cover, which in turn was causing the wire to rust.

I first tried the heat-shrinking tube, but it was a mess. I couldn't find a tube with adhesive inside, and cutting the tube and using super glue either didn't work or left a terrible mess.

I didn't want to use electrical tape cause I've worked with it before and know how gross the adhesive gets after a while. So I figured I'd try something different.

I got self-fusing silicone tape. It has no adhesive on it, so it doesn't leave a sticky mess around, but it fuses and becomes one piece of silicone as soon as it touches itself.

I used around most of my muzzle, and it worked perfectly and followed the package's instructions. It created a new, tough cover on it. It's been on for a month and still going strong. Not very pretty, though.

Credit to Gabe Oliveira


A member used heat shrink tubing to repair the rubber on their muzzle that was peeling on the front, really simple solution next to just heating up the rubber and moulding back over the chip/rough spot.