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About MTT

MTT is run by people who believe having an open mind is needed when owning a dog. We strongly believe in doing what works for the dog before you, as long as it's done responsibly. We, as dog owners, use balanced training methods and are aversive free depending on who you ask and what dog they own.


We do not judge tools or owners; everyone is welcome here as long as they are responsible and use tools correctly. We only recommend a positive approach for muzzle training and remove anyone who believes different. We are for keeping dogs safe, which may include methods you don't agree with; just like people don't agree with muzzling and judging without understanding, we ask that you don't do the same.

An open mind doesn't mean you agree; it means you accept that some dogs and people do differently. 

Stop the hate, stop the shaming, start understanding and accepting or learn to ignore. 

While we do our absolute best to credit all pictures and information, sometimes this information can be lost. If you see a photo here that you want credit on, please send us a message, and we will update it straight away.


Meet The Creator (Jordy)

Hello! Here to introduce myself and my dogs and explain a little about what I do and who I am. 


I am a regular dog owner who spends their time training/conditioning my dogs and helping out the family with theirs, as well as advising messages for those struggling. While I don't have much hands-on experience due to my remote location, I have lots of information and well-studied resources ready for those who need them. I will always recommend a reputable trainer for help, but unfortunately, some don't have that opportunity, which is why I step in. 

I use balanced training methods for my dogs (Correct use of prongs, e collars, and much more rewarding and fun), but I strongly believe in doing what works for the dog in front of you.

My mutts Abbey (tan bull, Dane, mastiff x) and Marley (black mastiff, bull, ridgeback x) are kept fit and happy. Abbey knows over 110 tricks/commands and loves doing them. Marley is much more laid back and comfortable to chill or pull the bike. They live outside, are walked 1-3 times a day, bikejor, swim, track games and much more. 

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