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Can't Measure Your Dog?

There are quite a few people who can't measure their dog. This isn't an issue with MTT since we can size a muzzle without measurements. Not getting them when sizing yourself will prove much more difficult. MTT does not recommend measuring if it puts you or the dog at risk. We instead ask for profile pics of your dog's face/nose structure to roughly judge their measurements. For example, if you have a bully dog, we look at their pant size and body and go off the average length most of these dogs have (usually 2.5-3" length), then use that length to compare it to closed height and width. This way, we can at least get a rough idea of the shape of the muzzle needed. Then all that is left is working on how much more height they need, so we ask for the full/regular pant pics.


If your dog has used a muzzle before you (and MTT) can get approximate measurements based on the fit of your muzzle. You can use it's measurements or see our comparison charts that show popular brands and sizes next to each other. For example if the width was tight and we know the width is 3" then width is at least 3.25", knowing this is better than sizing blindly. This is explained more in 'Which Muzzles Will Fit'.


If you cannot get any measurements, cannot approximate, do not have a previous muzzle etc THEN you can start by looking over the dog charts and see what types of dogs use which muzzles and narrow down your choice this way by finding similar sized dogs. This is explained more in 'Which Muzzles Will Fit'.

We recommend completing a sizing form HERE, especially if you cannot measure as we are experienced with approximating measurements.

Profile Pictures

These pictures of your dog may seem unnecessary but they can help with a range of things from approximations to sizing without even measuring your dog. It can also help show their head shape.

While you don't need to take these photos and mostly we just ask for them on MTT Program they can be really helpful.

If you see profile pics mentioned, it is referring to the top or side profile of your dogs snout/face. It is not measured and closed mouth.

dog profile pictures
dog profile pictures
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