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Making a Vinyl Muzzle (4 Parts)

This tab is for learning how to make a vinyl muzzle for your dog. It is becoming much more common to make these muzzles since the material is somewhat easy to find and modify. The clear is also super popular for muzzle use.

Vinyl Example (1)

A member has made many vinyl muzzles for their dogs (or ones they help). They first made a template from linoleum (first pic), then worked with materials to get the fit right for the dog (for a smaller dog). All pics are from the same member, and you can see the different ways they have tried and tested.

Credit to Tracey Mammem

Vinyl Example (2)

Another member made a vinyl muzzle for their dog using thinner material. The dog has a large pants but smaller closed mouth measurements which meant they struggled to find a premade muzzle that fits well. Making a vinyl has helped them get the excellent fit they need and keep their dog happy.

We would not recommend using thinner vinyl for more determined bite risks.

Credit to Karli Mae Leap

Vinyl Example (3)

Another clever member made one with a felt nose pad.

Made very similar to the method above.

Credit to Sara Fisher Partch

Vinyl Example (4)

Another awesome member who made one for their dog with jaw issues. We liked the different nose hole to the ones above.

Made very similar to the method above.

Credit to Julia Jasicek

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