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15F_29C vs RC S011

Comparison & Dog Charts

Dog Charts & Muzzle Comparison Charts

These charts were made by MTT or it's members. Pictures should not be taken or screenshot from these folders. The dog charts  are mainly a few pictures of the dog wearing their muzzle, as well as the dogs measurements. These charts can help give you an idea on how they look on dogs similar to yours. 

The comparison charts show either the same brand comparing different sizes or comparing different brands. The more common brands obviously have lots more in their folders. Not all JAFCO will be in the JAFCO folders, compered to the common brands like Baskerville, JVM, CHOPO etc, other categories like B+F or greyhound may also have JAFCO in it.

Size 5 jafco
21F vs Baskerville 4
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