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dog in regular jvm muzzle

Fitting Issues

Muzzle fit issues and out of the box information.

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Muzzle Fit Issues

Unfortunately some popular and unpopular muzzles have sizes or slight issues that cause fit issues with some dogs. These things range from the chin being long to there being a bump over the nose or sizes that all have small front heights. This is a newer section so will add information as I go.


A common fit issue people have with the CHOPO is the long chin lengths, when they are longer than the length and the length is already needing modifying the still long chin will hit the neck. Depending on the fit and dog this can work but with the options out there now, it should be possible to find better.


Another brand that sells muzzles with a super long chin length, especially on the R sizes. Most people who use these have to modify the chin length a fair amount to fit well. 

A second issue is sizes like 2, 3 and 3X all have low placed traps which cause cause the muzzle to not fit well and need to have the straps modified.


An issue with both the ultra and classic is the front height is shorter than the back height. If you look at most dogs their pant is bigger at the front then the back.


These are not used are often yet but so far there has been minimal issues. A few members have mentioned they are snugger on the cheeks than CHOPO and the straps are wider, they can a bit still but with use they're fine.

Got info? Let us know.

Out Of The Box

Most muzzles when being sent aren't all going to be the same. Muzzles that are easily squished like leather straps or vinyl like jafco can come narrower/wider than usual due to how it was shipped or stored.


One of the most common muzzles to come different are CHOPO; they are hand made and will always have slight differences in how far the cheeks are widened/narrowed etc. At the same time, it is usually common to get narrower wire muzzles due to being squished together for storage/shipping to the supplier, etc.


Other times you may receive a slightly upgraded (or downgraded if you get the old version expecting the new) as the manufacturer is constantly upgrading the sizes to better suit.


Did you get the right muzzle?

Unfortunately, many muzzle (mainly wire) companies and suppliers have a massive issue with receiving the wrong size muzzle. Because there are so many options and most are pretty similar to the others, it's easy to obtain the wrong size, and if you're not educated on what the size looks like or its exact measurements, you may not even tell and brush it off as your fault for sizing wrong.


This mostly happens at places with few or incorrect measurements. Leerburg is a good example as they only use two measurements, so they are constantly sending the wrong muzzle since many share the same length and circumference.


The main sizes this happens with are 16F/65C and 17F/66C; they are commonly replaced with 18F/19F due to the same lengths/circumferences. In reality, these muzzles are completely different sizes, and the 18/19 rarely fit the dogs that the first two would have. 


This is why it's so important to know all the measurements of the muzzle before purchasing if you want guaranteed accuracy.


In the pictures

 (Credit to Tally V Canario) it shows the difference between the 18F and 16F. Because they have similar lengths and the same circumference around the base of the snout FDT claimed they were the same muzzle. Ignoring the fact, the 18F has far less height than the 16F and a much longer chin making it impossible to modify and fix length.

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