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Shipping/Fulfilment Information

Ships To: WORLDWIDE except to EU countries since you can buy the muzzles there for a lower cost. (Yes we ship to UK)


Cost (Approx.)

0-0.5kg: $23AU

0.501-1kg: $35AU

1.001-1.5kg: $50AU

1.501-2kg: $60AU


Fulfilment times: 10-15 business days (Time before shipping/tracking)


Shipment times: UK 1-2 weeks, US/CANADA/AUS (everywhere else) 2-3 weeks


These times are longer due to sourcing the muzzles from EU suppliers, once your order is placed, I purchase the size/s needed and they take 2-10 business days to get it processed and shipped out (CHOPO always take much longer). Then the parcel arrives at the EU warehouse where it takes 1-2 days to be sorted, split and reshipped to your address. Once shipped from this warehouse your tracking will update usually within 1 day. 


Tracking number: While there is tracking on all muzzle orders, how much detail is shown depends on your location. The tracking usually goes through a few places in Europe, then once sent to destination country you will not receive an update until it has arrived at first location. When shipping to the US the tracking shows more details compared to elsewhere which won’t update in-between major centres. Your tracking not updating is likely a good thing as it’s on its way and not held up in a sorting centre. 


Redirecting/change of address: You are welcome to change your address before you have received your tracking number, once tracking is received I cannot change the address the parcel is going to, you can try contact Czech post to see what they can do but because of the language barriers it makes it harder to get done. Make sure your address is correct or changed before fulfilment. 


This is the best I can do for getting muzzles to everyone worldwide. Taking in stock is not an option for me being so new and shipping costs would be even higher when taking on larger amounts to stock here in AU. I am constantly searching for new and better ways to get the muzzles to you but for now this is the best option out there.

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